Mag-P.I.E. Model ATS-20B-r Shunt Ammeter/Timer Kit


Warranty: 1 Year


The Mag-PIE Model ATS-20B-r is a complete portable Ammeter, Duration (shot) timer meter with a removable meter shunt housed in a durable abs storage case. Certified to NIST standards to meet or exceed international industrial and military MPI equipment calibration requirements. This unit is capable of certifying the accuracy of any make, or model of low-voltage style magnetic particle inspection equipment in the industry.

It measures AC, FWDC, and HWDC current output of various mag machines and records shot duration times to .01 (seconds) resolution. It functions in Means Averaging, True RMS or Peak modes depending on user preference.  The full-scale reading is 19,999 amperes and 19.99 seconds for the shot timer.

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 14.3 × 11.7 × 4.7 in
Either End Connector Set

Either End Connectors set of two


Basic Accuracy        1% ±2 digits

Input conversion Time             250 mS

Input Frequency Range           47 to 63 Hz

Input Conversion Ratio            50 mV / 1500 Amp

Current Digital Display         31/2 Digits-LCD Low Pwr

Duration Digital Display       3 1/2 Digits-LCD Low Pwr

Current Range         0-19,000 Amp

Duration Timer Range             19.99 Seconds

Shunt Accuracy .1%

Quick Break Response ≤95 mS OK; ≥120mS Fail

Power Source 8– AA Alkaline Batteries

Operating Temperature Range 0 to 48 °C

Case Dimensions 13″ × 11.1″ × 4.7″


Weight 13.0 Lbs. w/ Shunt