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Shunt Ammeter Kit w/ Timer, Shunt & Tools

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NPT 2520

The Mag-PIE™ model NPT-2520 is clearly a remarkable shunt meter test kit which is designed to be a complete, full-featured, highly accurate, extremely durable portable calibration instrument capable of certifying the accuracy of any make, or model of low-voltage style magnetic particle inspection equipment in the industry. This unit replaces TSI’s ATS-20B shunt Kit.

The NPT 25/20 will measure AC, FWDC and HWDC current output of various mag machines and records shot duration times to .001 (seconds) resolution. It function in Means Averaging, True RMS or Peak modes depending on user preference. Full scale reading is 19.999 amperes (X 1000) and 19.999 seconds for the shot timer.

The aluminum face-plate bezel is covered with a vinyl overlay that can withstand the toughest environments. The storage pouch comes furnished with a 2–meter BNC test lead, EE connectors, bolts, nuts, washers and wrenches to fully equip the test technician.

Features & Advantages

  • Measures AC, HWDC and FWDC within 1% accuracy
  • Specialized RMS/DC converter IC for Data Acquisition accuracy
  • High resolution encapsulated LCD displays. 4 ½ digit accuracy
  • Use for testing portables, mobiles or wet horizontals benches
  • Large shunt for easy clamping between head & tail stocks
  • Auto Update to capture and hold display reading indefinitely
  • Low-battery LED with “BAT” annunciator on display
  • Durable BNC input leads, 2.5 meters in length
  • 2 EE connectors, 2 bolts with nuts , washers & wrenches
  • 3 C Size Tadiran batteries for years of use w/o replacement
  • Certification included; 1st calibration free, 3 Year warranty


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 ****Coming Soon******

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Rugged, reliable, highly accurate shunt ammeter kit to well equip the test technician.

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