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In-House Equipment Calibration Information

Our Commitment to Quality

New Phoenix Tech’s primary objective is to exceed the expectations of its customers. As such, providing our customers with professional, highly reliable in-house calibration and testing services is a commitment earnestly shared by our co-workers at New Phoenix Tech. This commitment to the customer encompasses all our laboratory activities and drives our technical personnel to improve operational integrity on every level of the calibration and testing service. Our quality policy reads:

“New Phoenix Technologies, Inc’s. employees are committed to providing quality products, superior calibration and testing services, competitive prices, and custom solutions built one customer at a time, by continually improving the effectiveness of its quality management system.”

Our management system for quality, administrative and technical operations are built around ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and are put into practice through a disciplined management framework, integrating our testing instrumentation, quality policies, technicians and quality assurance personnel into a cohesive, ever-evolving body.




In-House Calibration & Testing Services in Accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2017

We offer...

  • Low calibration rates
  • Additional 20% Off calibrations through 2019-including meters from MagnaFlux, Gould & Bass, Solid State Systems, TSI(Albion) and more.
  • Free calibration for all New Phoenix Tech meters
  • Free standard return shipping
  • In-house standard equipment is audit ready
  • 100% committed to executing ISO/IEC 17025  

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