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Magnaflux & TSI Replacement PBC's

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Replacement PCB's for Magnaflux Wet Benches

Mfg's P/N

Magnaflux Models




Magnaflux 3 Phase Power Packs

3 Phase Bipolar Phase Controller

3 Phase Bipolar Phase Controller-c- pn 622996

215517 & 600340

Magnaflux H-810, 820, 830, 840, 850, D960

Ammeter PCB -Two Types



Magnaflux 700 Series w/ Rev DC

Demag Control - Magnaflux

Demag Control - Magnaflux-b; PN-104757



Magnaflux H-800 Series, H660, 680

E&I Current Control

Magnaflux E&I Current Control p/n-169830



Magnaflux H840, 850, D960

Shunt E & I Control

Magnaflux Shunt E & I Control p/n 189522



Magnaflux Reactor Control

Reactor Control

Magnaflux Reactor Control p/n 141700


169110 & 188895

Magnaflux H-660, 680, H-810, 820, 830, 840, 850, D960, Mag V

Phase Control

Magnaflux Phase Control PN 169110 & 188895


Save Money on MPI Equipment Repairs

Repairs on magnetic particle inspection (MPI) equipment can be expensive, not to mention lost revenue due to equipment down time. The majority of MPI equipment failures are caused by defective printed circuit boards (PCB's). These defective PCB's are relatively easy to remove and replace. Repair cost can be substantially reduced by replacing the PCB's yourself. Simply locate the defective board in your Magnaflux wet bench or TSI product, find the part number per the lists below and replace for huge savings. Most PBC's ship in 2-3 days after receipt of order. You can also ship us your defective PCB for 10% off the new replacement PCB for even greater savings. 


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